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Jonathan Pickett, Crew Chief Jon Pickett Crew Chief

Jonathan's first days on earth and most days since were spent learning and growing at various drag ways across the country. Since the very beginning he has been mesmerized by the world of drag racing and all that it is associated with it, and has to offer. As the years passed he became more educated and involved with his passion. His involvement over the years has covered every aspect of the sport. For several years he worked for a chassis shop; there he got very involved in engine building, product development and advanced to custom fuel system and clutch programs. While working at the chassis shop Jonathan was the Crew Chief on the company-sponsored racecar. James Ditucci drove this car to the 2000 New England Dragway championship. In the past three years he has spent a considerable amount of time working on a new fuel system and driveline management program. While doing so he has recognized some design flaws in some of the equipment the team had used. Jonathan has spent time in research and development to make the product better thus making it perform better and last much longer.

Outside of the carís performance Jonathan has spent a considerable amount of time in other aspects of promoting his team and his sponsors. In an effort to do so he has been working on many different avenues to put Team Pickett Racing on the same level as the professional teams, with the design and purchasing of professional uniforms, a website, and hats. He is currently working on new designs for t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, private labeled bottled water, calendars, and hero cards.

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